Friday, 30 March 2012

Fruit Glorious Fruit

Dear World,

Today I want to share one my greatest fashion obsessions.

Fruit! I also managed to grab h&m versace  cruise shorts about two months ago too!
This is just a sneak peak.
The list of each retailer is below
 Starting from the left -
-Blue Cherry Trainers - NIKE (From about two years ago)
-The Cream Cherry Dress - Asda ( My mum got this for me last year, about a tenner would you believe?)
-The fruity shoe - Topshop (last summer)
-The black cherry dress ( a small boutique in kingston but New Look have sold similar ones)
-The strawberry shorts - Topshop ( last spring)
-The purple fruity shorts - Versace for H and M (Last season)
-The cherry tie shirt - H and M (last month)
-The strawberry polka dot heels - ASOS
-The mixed exotic fruity playsuit - Topshop (two summers ago)
-The cherry sling back heels - Irregular Choice
-Creamy cherry cargi - H and M (about three summers ago)

apple necklace - h and m (bought last year)
cherry ring - a birthday present
apple silver ring - a christmas present
apple red ring - asos

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