Friday, 21 September 2012

OOTD : Hearts

Dear readers, how are you all? I've found recently it's cold all of a sudden, I'm already struggling to get out bed and it's only September, hardly into winter haha. I always find the colder it gets, the darker my fashion sense becomes, hence my outfit of the day. Lace layered skirt - asos, Heart tights - Asos, Boots, Office, white crop top - h&m


  1. I love how edgy and different your photos are! It makes me want to be more experimental with mine haha!

    Great outfit, you really suit the dark lip :)

    xoxo Chloe

  2. love those boots and inspirational photography!

  3. love this set of photos, it all reminds me of alice in wonderland :) those tights are amazing! looking pretty as always xx

  4. These photos look so fairytale and dark at the same time. Kind of with a feel of photography from Great shoot. Lizz xx

  5. These photographs are stunning. I love, love, love the tights!
    Great style! xx

  6. That 1st pic is so stunning! Love the funky tights! - A lifestyle, beauty and music blog.
    If you enjoy it, please follow and stay in touch. xx

  7. I love the vampy look to these pics!



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