Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Buys

Hey Guys, Today I've decided to let you know about the great buys I've gotten recently. I will do some posts soon with what I've bought but let me know if you like?

 1) My fabulous DM'S! I looked on the offical site to find the name of these boots so I could find them cheaper - but they are half price on the offical website so boy was I happy!

gif creator online

 2) My pretty dress This is from the Jones and Jones collection for a mere £20.00 (sale!) I signed up for them to email me when this dress was back in stock, so I was a happy bunny to know this dress was more than half off!

 3) My lilac creepers I have loved creepers BEFORE the hype. In fact my boyfriend had a pair for about five years. We've been together for nearly three years and have always been seen sneakily trying them on. I bought some off eBay, and lilac is my favourite colour! As you can tell by the Jones and Jones dress? I'd like some black ones as I think they would be pretty versatile.

lilac<3 Peace and love, s


  1. Hey Darling!
    My blog moved to it's own webpage!

    Please follow me on

    So we can keep in touch !

    Huge hugs !

  2. lovely and thank you for your comment.

  3. oh my goddd, that dress! <3 it's going to suit you perfectly dear :)

  4. thank you so much, dear!
    these white docs are making me crazy, i wanted to get them myself but unfortunately i am always out of money.
    i love to follow you!

    1. me too! well I am now haha thankyou I will check out your blog x

  5. Love your all white Docs. Such a good buy! X

  6. the white Docs are sooo awesome.

    J x


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