Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My New Skirt/Liebster Award

Dear Bloggers and Readers, this is a double post, ooh exicting isn't it? Well firstly I want you guys to see my amazing buy, £2.99 chiffon skirt which is so pretty and femine - I can't decide what top goes best though? Can you please help me out guys? You can purchase this skirt in a variety of colours HERE
Have a look at the picture let me know & check out my Leibster Award Nominations.


And now for..Liebster Award, an award for blogs with under 200 followers. It's an awesome way to read new blogs and meet great people, I happen to be nominated for this award by Sophie who has a pretty awesome blog here 

SO 11 things about me huh??
1. My name is Sadie 2. I want to be an actress 3. I have a webbed toe on each foot and an elf ear 4. I love to sing and dance also 5. I have four jobs - three in theatre, 1 in HR. 6. I want to go to drama school 7. I do monthly readings at my local church 8. My family and friends mean more to me than anything 9. I have a high heel shoe addiction 10. My favourite food is egg 11.  My whole family tan, I am the only pale person EVER. It's the irish genes<3

11 Questions Sophie's asked me

1. If you were going to be the opposite sex what would you have been named?
My parents knew I was a girl, but I'd say I'd like to be name Jasper, it's cute.
2. What makeup product couldn't you live without?
My boujous blusher, is pretty, smells nice and is a lovely shade.
3. Where is your favourite place in your home country (that isn't your home)?
Isle of wight, I have so many childhood memories growing up there and it's beautiful
4. First ever concert?
Spice girls reunion baby!
5. Dog or cat person?
Cat, maybe it's because my boyfriend has four of them they grew on me!
6. Favourite Cake?
Chocolate fudge, but my mum's lemon drizzle is tasty ;)
7. Current favourite piece of clothing?
My pique bloomers from american apparel :) so comfy!
8. Do I play any sports?
Well I'm active, swimming, zumba and ballet weekly!
9. Harry potter - good or bad?
Uhh duh we all know. IT'S AMAZING. I'm still waiting for my hogwarts letter :(
10. Beach or pool? 
Beach, you can have your own space to chill.. and make sand castles ;)
11. Best place to on a nigh out in your home town?
Most people would say oceana, but I say reflex, 80s club.

My 11 Questions for my nominees
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Best childhood memory?
3. Do you believe in life after death?
4. Favourite food
5. Favourite place to shop?
6. Any talents?
7. Have your travelled/where, if you haven't, where would you like to go?
8. Favourite beauty product?
10. Your idea of a perfect day?
11. If you had three wishes what would they be?

My Nominees
This are blogs I follow and love to read, they truly deserve more followers!
FromKayWith Love - awesome home made jewellery
OhAbbie - outfits on trend
athannahfashion - feminine  and so pretty
boombollykecks - beautiful girl and creative wears
fiftysixfreckles - edgy, and knows how to accessorize
thedollinrouge - this girl knows how to style
therunwayrose- outfits on trend
inmycloset - sophistication at it's best
missingmisspipedream- feminine and so pretty
shenmoo - on trend
awkardqueen- elegence

Love and Peace,


  1. love love your skirt!

  2. I like the 3rd top! so cool. Great buy for £2.99. Did it take long to come?

    1. about 2 weeks, which is stated so I'm pleased!

  3. i like the strapless top, it seems to balance out the volume of the skirt and bare shoulders adds to the femininity nicely me thinks!

    the liebster award is an amazing idea! congrats on being nominated. i've already started a new trail of amazing blogs i want to follow! oh so many :)

    1. I like the strapless one too! :) x

  4. Thanks for picking me! I will do this tag right now! I love the skirt by the way and I think the centre picture is the best outfit!

    1. thanks Lizzie and you are truly welcome x


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