Friday, 6 April 2012

Dipping into makeup favourites

Hello everyone
Is everybody ready for easter?

 Here is a picture of my few favourite makeup items.
Starting from the left
- Rimmel Matte Finish  Nail Varnish- 
If you want a velvet smooth (not shiny) look to your nails, use a matte finish, this is great, and does what it says on tin! I got this for just under a fiver in superdrug
Natural Collection Translucent Powder 
- Really lovely powder, blends in nicely, great colour ( especially as I am pale as a ghost) and smooths out any bumps!
- Laura Mercier Shimmer Powder
This is for the body, but I tend to use this on my face. This is the best bronzer/shimmer I have ever used. It blends in so well and makes you look brown, not orange.I recommend this 100%

L'oreal Infallible (porcelain) Matte Foundation
The brush isn't all that fantastic, but it is a great foundation giving a lovely matte finish. I would not recommend if you don't have the smoothest skin, or have a lot of peach fuzz  - it has potential to cling to any hairs on your face
Maxfactor black nail varnish 
- you need about three coats for it to be fully black but it does the job
Barry M Wink Marker Eyeliner pen 
- It provides the perfect smooth thick line - but is quite chunky - if your looking for a thin line it isn't for you
Lilac barry m dazzle dust 
- such a beautiful colour and really makes my eyes POP ( I have dark blue eyes) -
some people don't like using barry m dazzle dust because they don't know how to apply it without it falling on their lashes. The best way to do it is to close one eye - cover the rim of your eye with a baby wipe, and apply the dust with the other hand - works a treat

Anyone own this products or would like to recommend any?
I have very pale skin so I would appreciate it so much!

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